A key part in managing the risks at an operating facility is ensuring personnel are competent in their roles and understand how they can contribute to effective process safety management (PSM) within their business.  Organisations such as the IChemE Safety Centre have developed frameworks that map out process safety competence requirements across the roles in an organisation. How many organisations deliver on this? We believe that process safety e-learning can help bridge this gap.

Process Safety training courses are widely available in face-to-face (FTF) and online delivery formats (trainer led) and cover topics suitable from the front-line through to leadership. Whilst much is gained in the interactions that occur between trainer and participants (for FTF and online training), the costs and logistics often are a significant barrier in getting significant numbers of people trained.  Because of these challenges, organisations rely on developing process safety “evangelists” as a key driver for competence delivery.

I have been running a process safety training business for over 15 years and see these dynamics time and time again. With internal staff movements and constraints on training spend, many do not materially move forward over several years. How do we broaden out the skill pool so that every person associated with an operation understands the basics and can more effectively contribute to PSM?  The following training model is proposed to help facilitate delivery of organisations PSM development. E-Learning can be used to develop baseline knowledge providing a foundation to the organisations competence development.

Process Safety LMS offers comprehensive process safety e-learning training courses that can be used to build competence and support your operations.

Paul Feltoe, MD Safety Solutions

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