We have all been in a HAZOP workshop that ran well and one that didn’t. What are the factors that drove the high-quality HAZOP workshop? Anecdotally, the success factors include good preparation, having a quality facilitator and scribe, a well-defined scope, and appropriate internal procedures that systemise the practice within organisations. One way to develop an appreciation and strategies of what is needed for a quality workshop is to run a “HAZOP failure” workshop that plays on people’s preference for negative thinking. After this is done, strategies can be put in place to mitigate these failures. We have embedded this workshop into our virtual on-demand HAZOP participants e-learning and our ICHEME approved HAZOP Leaders course.

Some of the outputs of these workshops can be found in this HAZOP failure blog.

The following comments from Peter Hewett one of our senior consultants  talks about some ingredients of a good HAZOP.

The HAZOP participants E-learning training course which can be accessed as part of this platform can be used to develop your participants prior to conducting a workshop within the complexities and costs of running face to face training courses.  This course will have participants well primed before the review is started.

Running online reviews and developing your leaders and scribes are also other important aspects of a quality HAZOP. Have a look at these blogs.

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