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Looking at upskilling across the process safety basics? This pack gives you access to three of our online e-learning courses at a discounted rate! The pack includes the following courses:

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Upskill in all the process safety basics with our essentials pack! To get the most out of your e-learning pack, we recommend completing the courses in the order listed.
This pack will give you access to the International versions of our courses, click here for the Australian/New Zealand version.

Introduction to Process Safety  6 – 8 hrs

Understand the fundamentals of process safety and apply process safety principles to your facility and working environment. This course covers the history of process safety, industry-shaping incidents, process safety models and concepts and managing risks.

HAZOP Participants  6 – 8 hrs

For all personnel who will be a member of a HAZOP review team.  Learn the HAZOP structure and where HAZOP sits in the process safety structure. Apply the HAZOP method in a simulated workshop and interact with the HAZOP team to understand the importance of each role.

Introduction to Bowties 4 – 6 hrs

An introduction to risk assessment utilising bowties. Understand the elements of a bowtie, how to develop a bowtie and build your own with the interactive tool in the course.


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