This online/ on demand HAZOP training course is aimed at operators, engineers, designers, and maintenance personnel who will at some point be part of a HAZOP review team. The objectives of this course are to convey the benefits of HAZOP and the role of the HAZOP review in the process safety framework. It will familiarise the participants with the structure of the review and enable them to be more effective and efficient review team members. This training is on-demand and self-paced and will take you approximately 6 – 8 hours to complete.

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Online HAZOP Training Course Content

The HAZOP E-Learning course is structured into modules.

  • Process Safety History and Legal Framework -where does HAZOP fit?
  • Introduction to HAZOP and the agenda – what is involved within the review and what happens outside of the review
  • HAZOP in the project lifecycle.
  • Risk analysis and HAZOP.
  • HAZOP Simulation Workshop – this includes a virtualised room where participants can interact with the elements of HAZOP.
  • Minor Modifications Workshop.
  • HAZOP failure Workshop.

Course Duration: 6 – 8 hours

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