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This online training course is aimed at any personnel who will at some point be part of a bowtie review team, or who uses bowties within their business.

  • Understand the bowtie structure and technique
  • Identify threat lines and apply controls
  • Determine the right level of detail for different scenarios
  • Develop your own bowtie and how to use them in operation

Course Duration: The course takes between 4 – 6 hours to complete.

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This introductory training course is aimed at all personnel who will at some point be utilising bowties for risk communication or assessment. Bowties are a useful tool for visualising risk and the systems and barriers in place to prevent harm. The objectives of this course are to understand the structure of a bowtie, and how bowties can be used within the safety assessment cycle or in day-to-day operations. You will interact and build bowties, and be quizzed on what you’ve learnt to solidify your learning and provide a solid foundation for bowtie risk assessments.

This training is on-demand and self-paced and will take approximately 4 to 6 hours to complete.

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