About The Courses

Our online/ on-demand process safety training courses are aimed at operators, engineers, designers, maintenance  and management personnel who are involved with the design or operation of a hazardous operating facilities. Our unlimited use option are sold on a subscription basis with a 3 year contract.  Use our courses internally to save considerable time and effort on an internal solution. We will be happy to modify them to include your own company  language and content.

We have have the the following courses in the library.

  1. Introduction to Process Safety – this is an 6-8 hour course covering why process safety is important and how it should be managed at facilities. View the course outline here.
  2. HAZOP Participants – this is a 6-8 hour course aimed at upskilling HAZOP team members in their contribution to an effective workshop. View the course outline here.

Although this course took some time and effort, I found the modules well laid out and the assessment really forced you to think hard and actually check up on a few things. There was no way to avoid not learning from this course. Well done and I will recommend to others.

Dan Garden, April 7, 2022

How it works and Pricing

The courses are fully accessible in your internet browser. Complete the course on-demand for you to learn at your own pace. To see for yourself how it works, try out the demo’s. Pricing is based on the size of your organization and the number of courses you use. Small company options start at $5500/ year for unlimited use.

Why Choose E-Learning?

Watch this short video to find out the benefits of completing process safety training using Process Safety LMS!


Process Safety comes with its own set of terminology and principles, ensuring everybody understands their roll is important.


Decrease the margin for personal error through well-designed processes and a safety-first focus.


These online course are designed to fill knowledge gaps and get everyone home safely.

Trusted by Leading Brands

Without very in-depth experience of real HAZOPs, those preparing this course would not have been able to package so much content into an informative and living manner.

 IChemE Course Approval AssessorHAZOP Participants E-LearningAugust 25, 2021